Wednesday, 2 September 2015

UK Batman Tournament Prizes and New Ruling

More goodies have arrived for the UK Batman Day Tournament. Lots of Batman minis and some Joker Rulebooks from Knight Models.

Plus the TWO Arkham Asylums shown the other day, loads of Batman themed goodies and more to come from DC.

£12.50 to take part, You could win 2 - 25 times that worth of stuff!

Knight have also made a ruling on using third party items and for model conversions.

"Good morning guys
We have made a decision about the proxies issue. We value the creativity of our community so we will allow conversions over Knight Models miniatures (the conversion has to be approximately 50% our models), markers, sewers, lampposts and objective markers handmade are also allowed.
Forbidden is any stuff from an unlicensed brand, so the markers, sewers, lamppost and objective markers of another brand are not allowed in a Knight Models official tournament. If any player attends an official Knight Models tournament with illegal proxies from another company, they will be disqualified from the tournament. Thank you very much!"

This isn't intended to stop people being create, just stop the 3rd party unlicensed products that are sold as 'made for BMG' being used at an even backed by DC.
Homemade or kitbash? Fine!
Coloured counters or drawn on bases? Not a problem!
Sets of Lamps or Counters sold but other companies for the game as cheaper alternatives? Nope!

If KM get in trouble for allowing 'rip-off' type products, we could ALL lose out on a great game.

- Hendybadger

Monday, 31 August 2015

Working on Modern Game Boards

Hi all!
I made a mistake. A BIG mistake. In my excitement of building Arkham, I used the back of my city board and didn't realize until it was too late.

This did give me the perfect excuse to work on some new boards though.
Overall I'm planning 5 different boards to use with the Batman game, some with interchangeable scenery, some fixed.

I dug out and old file I had from Fat Dragon Games and got to work.

The first one needed some roads as it's going to be a city block. I wanted to keep and angles there to break up the usual cross board fire and charge lanes and force some interesting movement.
These buildings can be moved or replaced so it makes it a very flexible board that can be used for a lot of settings. Most buildings here are from Sarissa Precision but they could get replaced or stacked higher yet.

Next up, again using the Fat Dragon tile was an Industrial District.
I want for a single road this time going around one corners. I know that opens up cross board lanes but on this one they will be blocked with more scatter terrain.
The buildings are also interchangeable on this one so new bits can be added to swapped with the city block. The TTCombat Bank will probably head to the city while the Impudent Mortal bits need to stay on a higher board like this one.

Talking of swapping things around, there will be some new additions to these boards soon.
TTCombat have a new gothic warehouse and courthouse that would be a great fit. The Olympus building from Multiverse Gaming is also a good size and very well detailed. I hope we get to see some of the city buildings Knight Models had at a show a while back as well.
The industrial district will be getting some love from Wargame Model Mods. A Hydro plant with a moving generator and lights, a tech building with lights and some silos to go with the chem plant.

Board #3 will be a dockside board.
My friend Jack sent me a printable board (below) that fits the setting really well and it will be filled with Wolsung warehouses and walkways along with a big crane from Fenris Games and a water section for the Bat-Boat!
A couple of the above buildings might also fit as well as a Lincoln building from TTComabt and a great Warehouse from Multiverse Gaming (neither pictured)

Board 4 is something you have seen a lot of on here already. Arkham Asylum with a base created 'just' for that set.
Work continues on this and it should hopefully be finished soon.

Finally is board 5. The Batcave!
The picture below belongs to Ian Alcock but it's a good representation of the sort of thing I'm going for though.
There are things in the works for this one but I don't know how far off it will be at the moment.

What boards are you working on at the moment?
Do you think this will be enough for any setting I might need?
If not, what would you add / remove?

Until next time.....

Friday, 28 August 2015

New Knight Models Batman + Marvel Releases

It's that time of the month again folks, Knight Models have posted up their new Batman and Marvel releases.
I know I have said they are getting better each time, but this month they have really stepped it up and cranked out some stunning minis.

Rocket Raccoon, core member of the Guardians of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Although the Marvel models don't have rules yet, I'm glad he's out now for when the game happens.
Plus the model looks awesome.

Jason Todd a.k.a Red Hood. The second Robin turned bad then good(ish) again.
Red Hood is a 88 Rep $500 Free Agent for a Batman crew. Armed with Dual Handguns, the Takedown ability and the Arkham Knight themed Teamwork, he's a great addition.

Azreal, crusader for the Church of St.Dumas and potential replacement for Batman.
At 77 Rep and $150, Azreal adds a lot of Blood Damage as a Free Agent for Batman. His Sword of Sin is Sharp, has Crit Fire and even rolls two Crit dice and uses BOTH results.

Harley Quinn gets some help in the form of a Henchman pack. 38 Rep and $250 together they ar a good boost to her crew and the addition of an RPG will cause issues to the bigger foes.

Hugo Strange, creator of Arkham City leads his patients into the battle. Able to control and boost Henchmen with Mental Disorder Traits, Hugo is a bargain at only 44 Rep. He can be taken as a Free Agent with the Riddler, League of Shadows, Black Mask and Organised Crime.
The Arkham Inmates cost 67 Rep for the Free and can be taken by any Villain crew, They are better alongside Hugo though.

Previewed here recently, the Riddler appears with a whole Bot army.
The key points of this new crew are three different types of Bot that can be taken up to three times each and the fact they don't use normal objectives. Each model can lay down Clues during their activation and the VP per turn is worked out by the amount on the table. The opponent can remove them though!

Batman and Law Forces get a new Objective in the form of the Bat Signal.
This can be marked as On or Off by manipulating it and gives VP at the end of the round depending on the setting. It also has room to add an LED if you really want it to work.

Finally are some Riddler and Red Hood markers. Used for Willpower, Action Counters, Ammo or whatever you like.

What do you think of this new batch of releases?
Will you be picking any of them up?

I'm off to place a sizeable order!
- Hendybadger

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Batman Worldwide Tournament - UK Prizes

Today we have some news on the prizes for the Batman Worldwide Tournament.
The UK event will be held at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham which you may recognize as WAYNE MANOR from the Dark Knight movies.

While there is still a boxes of official goodies to come in from Knight Models and DC Comics, all this is in hand.....

Two, yes TWO, Arkham Asylums! This will be for the overall winner and the best Cosplay.

All of these other goodies are up for grabs as well. KR cases, canvases and assorted Batman bits.
As I said, there is still stuff to come in from KM and DC so expect to see lots of models and comics as well.
I'm sure ToaTS can sort out some minis as well ;)

With a month to go, there are now only 30 places left for this event.
If you want to take parts, tickets are £12.50 and payable via Paypal to

Will you be playing Batman at Batman's house on Batman day to win some Batman stuff?

- Batman.......... I mean Hendybadger

Monday, 24 August 2015

Arkham Knight Riddler + Bots - Exclusive Batman Preview

The awesome guys over at Knight Models have just sent us a very nice preview.
In Arkham Knight, The Ridder has an army of Bots he uses to place Riddles around Gotham and to try and stop Batman.

Now he has brought them to the Batman Miniatures Game!

What do you think of this new crew?
I can't wait to get them on the table and outsmart the Bat!

- Hendybadger

Batman International Tournament - UK Event - 1 Month Away!

Hi folks!
The Worldwide Batman Miniature Game tournament is only 1 month away! (Well, 1 month and 2 days)

With that in mind, the blog here on ToaTS will be a little quieter over the next few weeks as we get things prepared like finishing off Arkham Asylum and swotting up on the rules and FAQ.

The event pack for the UK tournament is now up. You can find it HERE and it contains full info on the games, location and painting events along with the cosplay competition and more.

If you want to take part Tickets are £12.50 payable via Paypal to
Please leaved your contact details when making payment. An e-ticket will be sent to you prior to the event.
Be quick though as half of the tickets have been sold already.
With prizes like Arkham Asylum kits and goodies direct from DC, this is an event you don't want to miss.

Will you be taking part?
If so, see you there!
- Hendybadger
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