Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Blog Swap Time!

As they say, sharing is caring.
So I think it's time for another one of our little Blog Swaps!

The idea is simple. You add ToaTS to your blogroll, I add your blog to this one!
Everyone gets out there more and everyone wins!

All you need to do it add ToaTS to your blogroll, links, or whatever and post a link to your Blog below.
When I'm back at the computer I'll add them all to the Blogrolls here >>>>

Have fun!


Monday, 27 June 2016

Ask Anything!

Hey there folks,
I am without computer access for a while so can't write up any news posts, but I can reply to comments on mobile.
So, why not have a little fun with that?

Ask me anything you like!

Could be about rules, games, characters, hobby or even who would win in a fight, polar bear or shark? (Obviously the Polar Bear)

Post away and I'll respond when I can.

Lets have it!
- Hendybadger

Friday, 24 June 2016

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters?

Following on from my Avengers Mansion, I thought that Arkham would also make a decent Xavier's School for Gifted Younsters.


Using the same parts of Arkham, I have set them out in a wider layout to give the impression of a large school instead of a single building.
The statues in the middle are just filler until I can find a decent fountain to place there and as it's the home of the X-Men, it will always get attacked. Hence the wrecked Sentinel parts outside.
Again, it needs something more. But I'm not sure what at the moment.


- Hendybadger

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Avengers Mansion board

Any long term readers of this blog will know that often I like to grab a load of terrain and see what new boards I can come up with.
As I have the KM Arkham Asylum but I am now in love with the new Marvel game (that I have wanted for years), I thought it would be good to try and combine them.

Using the board and the main 3 buildings of Arkham, I added some other bits including my WIP Avengers statue and a Quinjet to go for an Avengers Manison!

I think its going to need some more bits added for cover and throwing and will be best played from left to right so both teams get a bit of mansion.
So far though I think it's working.

What do you think?
Would you add or remove anything?

- Hendybadger

Monday, 20 June 2016

X-men Tearing up a Sentinel in Genosha!

A while back a fried (Ross) said h had seen some Sentinel parts on ebay that might make good terrain for X-men games.
I looked them up and they were Build a Figure parts from Marvel Legends action figures. But then something else caught my eye. Broken Sentinels that were bases / stands for earlier Legends figures.

I raided ebay and ML groups on Facebook and tracked down a load.

The first one of arrive was the foot. While it may look huge, my favourite X-Men era was the 90s (like the picture at the top) and the Sentinels back then were huge.

Out of all the parts, the right hands is probably the largest and most inpressive. I had to pull the wall stand off the back to make it sit flat, but its rally good for playing on, over and giving cover.

The head seems perfect for 90s Sentnels. On the Onsalught covers above, Rouge is about the same size as a faceplate. Can just seem Colossus throwing this at the Brotherhood!

The final couple of parts were smaller but work as good filler terrain. The Torso is over normal head height so blocks LoS nicely. The left had is covered in ice so I will probably repaint that to look like rocks to match the rest.

A full body worth of parts take up a decent amount of a 3x3 board.

Adding these to my usual 'to hand' terrain gives a nice Genosha board that plays really well.

I may have gone a little OTT though as there are about 5 more parts on the way for a full Sentnel graveyard. Pics of that when they arrive.

What do you think of them?
What will you be using to theme your X-men boards?

- Hendybadger

Friday, 17 June 2016

Avengers Statues? Good plan!

Hey there,
Now Knight Models are re-releasing the older Marvel figures with rules for the new game, I am left with a few doubles including the 4 core members of the Avengers.

While I considered some alt colour schemes, I placed the models on the side and came up with a nw idea.
Avengers Mansion in the comics is often shown with statues of the most popular (and dead) team members.

After a few different lay outs, I have settled on the group above.
These will all bronzed and be rebased on some sort of large plinth but with pins instead of being glued.
This means they can be taken off one statue at a time and used to throw at enemies in game.

More on this when I find a decent stand for them. Any ideas?

What do you do with older versions of model that get released again?

- Hendybadger
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