Friday, 29 April 2016

Exclusive - Speed Force in the Batman Miniature Game

The awesome team over at Knight Models have sent over a nice preview from the soon to be released Flash / Arrow expansion for the Batman Miniature Game.
The Speed Force rules!
(Click images to view at full size)

So, What is the Speed Force?
In the DC Comics universe, the Speed Force is an extra dimensional energy that Superhuman Speedsters can tap into and use to perform amazing feats. The most notable of which is Barry Allen, The Flash!

How does the Speed Force fit into the BMG?
In the Batman Miniature Game, Speedsters like the Flash and Professor Zoom (shown below) can tap into the Speed Force and use Speed Counters to pull off some amazing actions.

When using a Speedster in your crew, a new Speed Phase is added to the game rounds between Take the Lead and Raise the Plan.
In this Speed Phase your Speesters can take power from the Speed Force Pool up to their Speedster Trait. 6 for the Flash and 5 for Zoom.
The Pool only ever contains 10 counters so the team with Initiative takes counters first. This could slow down your opponents.

Once all Speedsters have their counters, or the Speed Force Pool is empty, they can then spend them.
Each Speedster can do ONE Speed Power from the chart below per activation, again in Initiative order. Unless they have a rule that states otherwise like the Flash (above)
Power effects are resolved immediately and once a model has spent all the counters you want, Speedsters alternate spending between teams until Speedsters have been used.

Some characters will have additional Speed Powers they can use on their cards like Professor Zoom (below). These are used instead of the Speed Powers table.

You will notice that several of these Powers have a Paradox value next to them.
Hopefully we will get a look at what that means soon. Maybe last week?

The addition of the Speed Force to the Batman Miniature Game is going to open up a ton of options and gameplay ideas. I can't wait to get Barry running up the side of a building!

What do you think of these new rules?
Are you looking forward to speeding around the tabletop?

Let us know below.

- Hendybadger

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Legionary Show 2016 - Exeter, Devon, April 30th

It's almost time for the Legionary show once again.
April 30th, Exeter Devon. All the info can be found HERE

They have loads of gaming stall, demos and events. Well worth checking out if you can.

ToaTS wont be putting on any games this year, but we will be there to take a look around and might even be able to do a bit of a report on the day as well.

Hope to see a few of you there.

- Hendybadger

Monday, 25 April 2016

New Bane and Penguin Equipment for the BMG

Our friends over at the Spanish / English Blog La Bibliotecha de Alfred have some more equipment list spoilers from the new Flash / Arrow expansion book for the Batman Miniature Game.

These list include some great additions. Especially things like the Backpack which means you can carry Loot without spending MC.
Bane's themed goodies are also very nice.
Being able to use more than 1 Titan Dose per game with cheaper Doses and being able to inject friendlies with Titan makes the Bane crew a lot more deadly than it already was.

What do you think of these new additions?

- Hendybadger

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Marvel, Batman, Warmachine, X-Wing, 40K and more in North Cornwall

Hey folks,
Are you in or around North Cornwall UK?

I new club has started up at the Poldark Inn, Delabole on a Friday night.

The LEG Tabletop Wargames play all sorts from Marvel to 40K. X-Wing to Warmachine and Across the Dead Earth to Batman.

You can find the clubs Facebook group HERE. Or if you are not on the book of faces, just show your interest below and we can sort out contact.

Here are a few shots from the last couple of weeks.

Hope to see a few of you there in the future (They have a bar!)

- Hendybadger

Monday, 18 April 2016

Batman FAQ 6.2 is up!

Hi Batfans,
Sorry for the quiet week, I have been insanely busy. But lots to come on here over the next couple of weeks.

First up, the new Batman Miniature Game FAQ is up HERE.
I thought I would cover a few of the key points in this post.

Shooter now ignores Pings! from Protective and Vehicles. - Makes sense.
Bots are now Immune to Terror - Also makes sense.

Model do NOT block Line of Sight and may NOT carry two items that need MC, such as Loot.

This is a nice addition,
Spring into the Air now includes a Vertical Jump. Really handy for models to get up buildings quickly.

Manipulate does NOT count as a movement action. You can now load up with Ammo and still use your full RoF if you don't move.

Henchmen may NOT take equipment that lets them take a second copy of a Trait they already have.

Special Deployment order is Undercover - Hidden - Plants

The Batsignal can now be placed on rooftops in the Enemy Deployment zone. If there is no Enemy Deployment Zone, it can be placed ANYWHERE!

Workers Rep goes to 21 from 18

Pavilion B gains Fast

Echo gains Brutal

Arkham City Robin gains Combo: Bo

Batman AC and Batman AK both gain Martial Expert. This is a Critical on the Collateral dice on a 4+ instead of the usual 6.

There are several other clarifications as well.

What do you think of these new changes?
I know I will be using AC Bats and Robin more!

- Hendybadger
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