Thursday, 5 March 2015

Batman Rulebook Reveals - Corrupt Cops, Riddler and Red Hood

Over in the Arkham City Limits Facebook Group a copy of the new Batman Rulebook has appeared!
There has been some nice little hidden extras in there as well.

First up, the stat card for the Red Hood Joker exclusive model. The same rules as Arkham City Joker but a nice alternate card.

Next up is a new Trait, Corrupt. Looks like we will be getting some corrupt GCPD cops soon!
Could it be Com Loeb?

The final one for now (until more are found) is the one I'm the most excited about. The equipment list for a RIDDLER CREW! Yay! Can't wait to see what they do with this one.

Don't forget, we have a  big Knight Models giveaway going on at the moment. 5 blisters for 5 winners at 500K hits. You can find it >HERE<.

If I don't reply to any comments straight away, it's because I'm waiting by the door for my books to arrive!

- Hendybadger

Monday, 2 March 2015

Super 500K Giveaway!!!

I happened to look at the blog stats a couple of days ago and noticed there is a BIG landmark coming up.
500,000 Hits! Half a million! That's just insane!

I never expected this blog to ever reach that many views. I want to thank all of you out there. Viewers, readers, commenters, sharers, ALL of you. This blog wouldn't be here without you.

I would also like to thank the companies out there that have supported this blog. This includes Spartan Games, Troll Trader, Wayland Games, Antimatter Games and the 3 largest supporters Knight Models, Pulp Monsters and Fenris Games. (Sorry if I missed anyone out)

It's time to say thank you with toys!

I have 5 blisters of Knight Models miniatures waiting to go out to 5 lucky people.
Swamp Thing, Arrow (CW), Red Hood, Deathstroke (AO) and Loki,

How do you get one? Easy!

Comment below with which models you would prefer and why.
For a second entry you can share this giveaway somewhere (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums) and add the link to your comment.

When we hit 500K, I will randomly pick 5 comments to win these goodies.

Good luck!

- Hendybadger

Friday, 27 February 2015

Bat-Builder v2 Update!

The fantastic Bat-Builder, online band builder, for the Batman Minis Game has just been updated to V2.

The site includes all models available, a full FAQ, Player map, Setting up, Traits and more

Each character includes their full rules and a downloadable stat card. All you need to do to create your crew is click on the ones you want.
A nice new addition is the Print function so you can all the info there on a page to take wherever you play!

Head over and check out the Bat - Builder and lets us know what you think.

- Hendybadger

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Batman Rulebook Ready to Ship!

Just a quick post today but it'd big news if you have ordered the new Batman Rulebook.
Knight Models have both versions of the Rulebook plus Red Hood and Alfred in hand!

From the announcement -
"Good morning all, I'm glad to announce we have already received the Rulebooks and we'll start to send them at the end of this week or beginning of next week. We hope we will be able to send them all by the end of the next week."


- Hendybadger

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Arkham Dozen Painting - Take 2

A while back I joined in with a Batman painting challenge on the Arkham City Limits Facebook group.
The plan is to paint up 12 Knight Models figures over the course of a few weeks. They called it the Arkham Dozen.
My first choice was a whole load of characters. But as I haven't painted in a while, I decided to swap out most of them and go for easy to paint Henchmen to get me started.
I have posted my new 'Dozen' below.
All models are mounted on Post Apoc toppers from Fenris Games

A couple of points to keep in mind though....
1- I am NOT an experienced painter. I have only painted a handful of models in all my time gaming and those were quite a while ago.
2-  I am learning to use a new camera my wife bought me so the pictures may not be all that great yet.

So that's the excuses out of the way, onto the models.

Models 1-5. League of Shadows Ninjas. Finished.
I though these would be nice and simple to get me going. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. I may go back and add a little more to the bases though.

Models 6+7. Arkham Robin and Arkham Batman. Finished.
You can't play the game without the Dynamic Duo can you?
For a first attempt, I like them. I AM going to do second copies of each once I get some more painting experience under my belt though.

 Models 8-11. GCPD Police. Base coated.
These were chose for two reasons. 1- They seemed fairly easy to paint. 2- They will make a fully usable crew with Batman and Robin.

Model 12. Clayface. Base coated.
For the last one I wanted to do something a little bigger that can be used by most of the crews. Clayface seems to be a basic mix of browns so shouldn't be too difficult. He's also very impressive looking.

If I get these finished soon, I'm also going to do Arkham Scarecrow and the GCPD SWAT. Mainly because I'm using those colours already. They will both be good crew additions as well.

Next up.
The next batch of 12, if we do it again, will be a couple of characters for the League, some Green Arrow good guys to use with the police and the start of my Joker and Harley crew.

What do you think so far?
Any and all comments are welcome.

- Hendybadger

Friday, 20 February 2015

Batman Feb Releases from Knight Models

Knight Models have announced their February releases from the Batman Miniature Game.
They look great!

It may not be as many releases as previous months, but the pre-order from the rulebook has now finished so they are working on getting that out of the door as well.

First up is the HUGE Titan Joker. To get a good idea of his size, he's shown here on a 40mm base.
Taken from the Arkham computer games, this new 130 Rep Leader for the Joker crew will give them a very different way of playing.
Willpower 8, Strength 2+, Attack 5 and Endurance 10 means this Joker will be a beast on the table.
While he loses Kaos Agent, his other Traits make up for it.

Next up is something people have been wanting for ages. Bane Henchmen! These Mercs aren't exclusive to Bane though, they also work with the League of Shadows.
Mohawk and Ted Hunter total 61 Rep and $250. Adding Ice Axes and a Shotgun to Banes arsenal means a lot more Blood damage being spread around.
Both have Veteran and Bulletproof Vests but Mohawk goes one better with Combo on his Ice Axes.

Another small Crew that people have wanted reinforcements for also gets some this month in the shape of Black Mask Thugs.
The Goon and Mule Goon total 42 Rep and both come with Stun damage close combat weapons and the Brutal Trait. The Mule also has Sturdy and Veteran.
The best thing about these though is the fact they are the first pack in the game to consist of only repeatable * Henchmen. This means you can take as many copies of these two as you like to really boost Black Mask's ranks.

The final release for Feb is a set of Take The Lead markers. These are used to see who gets the first activation each turn.
Yes, you could use dice or similar. But they won't look as cool as these!

What do you think of this months releases?

I have posted individual shots of the Henchmen below so you can get a better look at them.

- Hendybadger

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